[theme-reviewers] New Trend/Stat: Cycle Time

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Fri Oct 15 02:35:58 UTC 2010

Hey all,

I went back through the weekly stat data, and added one more metric: Average
Days to Close.

I also re-arranged the trend charts a bit:

   1. *Cycle Time* (Average Days to Close, Average Days Open, Oldest Open)
   2. *Closed Tickets* (# Closed, # Not-Approved, # Approved, # Newer
   Version, % Approved)
   3. *Tickets Open/Closed* (# Opened, # Closed)
   4. *Open Ticket Queue* (# Open, # New, # Assigned)
   5. *Reviewers* (# Tickets Closed, by Reviewer)

All charts are available
and are updated weekly, on Sunday.

As for the newest chart: Cycle Time - you will notice that the trend has
been going in the opposite direction from what we want. Part of this
negative trending is due to the prioritization queues. Basically, the "New"
Themes queue just grew, while we were clearing out the "Already Approved"
and "Previously Reviewed" queues. All these numbers should come back down
now, as we get the overall queue back under control.

Other things I'm noticing:

   1. The number of Themes submitted each week is fairly stable, but slowly
   decreasing. Part of this change is due to getting some Themes through the
   review process all the way to Theme approval. I will be curious to see how
   this trend is influenced by the (eventually) upcoming changes to the
   uploader script.
   2. Even with the slight decrease in submitted Themes, we're still getting
   around 10 Themes per day submitted, on average. That means we still need to
   average one ticket closed per active Theme reviewer, per day, to stay on top
   of the queue.
   3. The percentage of Themes closed as "approved" (not including
   newer-version-uploaded tickets) seems to be stabilizing around 20-25%. This
   is another metric that I will be watching with interest, once the upcoming
   uploader script changes are implemented.

I would like to see where all of these numbers stabilize as we try to reach
normalcy with the review queue, but at some point we will want to establish
some goals, so that we can establish some context around all these numbers.

Is there anything else on which anyone would like to get stat/trend

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