[theme-reviewers] New Ticket Resolution

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Thu Oct 14 12:45:07 UTC 2010

As we approve more Themes - and especially, Themes that are approved, but
that have comments indicating certain issues are "Required, but Can Be Fixed
in Next Revision" - I'm thinking that we might want to consider another
ticket resolution: "approved-with-comments" or
"approved-with-next-revision-fixes" or something along those lines.

The reason? I'm seeing tickets for "next revisions" of such tickets, that
seem to ignore completely the issues indicated as "Required, but Can Be
Fixed in Next Revision".
Of course, I'm resolving such tickets as "not-approved" - but the reason I
bring it up is that we haven't really discussed how we handle such tickets.

My process for a Priority #1 Queue ticket is:

1) Check previous-tickets report, to ensure ticket is in correct queue
(Pross: can we get the *resolution* column to display by default on this
2) If correct queue, assign ticket to myself
3) Open previous ticket, to check for any issues indicated as "Can Be Fixed
in Next Revision"
4) Diff-Review
5) Theme-Check
6) Summarize status of previous-ticket comments
7) (if necessary) Install/check activated Theme
8) Close/resolve ticket

The problem I'm foreseeing, of course, is that the previous-ticket comments
can very easily fall through the cracks, unless the next-ticket reviewer
makes a conscious effort to check the previous ticket. We could alleviate
this concern by introducing an appropriate ticket resolution, that would
alert the next-ticket reviewer to the presence of any such previous-ticket


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