[theme-reviewers] Issue with Purple Pastels 6.01 in the Theme Directory

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Wed Oct 13 02:49:08 UTC 2010

On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 6:01 PM, esmi at quirm dot net <esmi at quirm.net>wrote:

> Another thought...
> Why doesn't Twenty Ten come under the "two word title - hyphenated folder
> name" rule? The theme's name (despite the fact that most people refer to it
> as TwentyTen) is "Twenty Ten" - yet the folder name is "twentyten".

It is actually listed in the Theme
"TwentyTen". I'm not sure of its history...

Regardless, it's really something we have no control over. I'll be curious
to see how things change when/if Theme Devs get direct SVN-commit access
like what Plugin Devs have.

> Yes - obviously, it didn't go through the auto-upload process. But since
> it's been promoted as an example theme, it's possible that other theme
> developers will follow its lead, create a theme folder with a composite name
> and then fall foul of upload changes the way I have.
> If there is to be a best practice rule for theme folder names that is then
> imposed by the upload process, it really needs to be applied across the
> board. Even for "default" themes...

Something we'll certainly keep in mind, for if/when we get input on future
"Default" Themes (whether we get such input is anyone's guess, but I at
least *hope* that we do!).

> Oh - and Chip - I forgot to say thank you for your quick response. Too busy
> rushing around trying to update child themes, I suppose. so...
> Thank you, Chip. ;-)
> No problem! I'm happy to help, and you happened to catch me at a good time
on an otherwise very hectic Tuesday. :)

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