[theme-reviewers] wp_footer() placement - [#1221:THEME:PencilDraw]

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Thu Oct 7 20:16:29 UTC 2010

Hmmm... Given that a rather large number of plugins do use the
wp_footer to put displayable content onto the page, I'd have to say
that it's acceptable to place the wp_footer() code into a div or span
or whatever. In theme's I've written (HTML5), I do tend to put it
inside the <footer> element.

A long term solution would be to encourage widgetized footers for
displayable content. Until then, I'd say that putting wp_footer
outside of DIVs should be recommended only, not required.

On the topic of scripts breaking when inside a DIV, well, that's a
pretty darned poorly written script, I'd say. Scripts that modify the
DOM should work no matter where they're placed. jQuery makes this
easy. We shouldn't require theme authors to account for other people's
bad code.

My 2 cents, of course.


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