[theme-reviewers] Theme Test Data WXR and SQL Updates

Lance Willett nanobar at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 20:36:08 UTC 2010

> I've removed the following posts, due to being unrelated to Theme Review,
> or redundant:

Since other theme developers will be using this list -- not just
developers hoping to pass the Theme Review -- it's OK to keep a few
items not related to the Theme Review specifically as long as they
benefit all theme developers who'll be using this test data.

I'm thinking of in-house WordPress developers, client projects that
aren't released to the public, et cetera -- we use it extensively
within Automattic for WordPress.com themes and VIP themes.

> Do we need the "Article With a MORE Tag" post? If so, perhaps I can
> incorporate it into the Readability Test post?

We don't need it as long as the test is incorporated into another post
so that we can test for the Read More link styling and placement.

> Is there anything else anyone can see that needs to be
> added/removed/modified?

Looks great to me. We can make adjustments later if something is missing.


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