[theme-reviewers] Draft Theme Development Checklist

Lance Willett nanobar at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 02:51:43 UTC 2010

>> Whatever the case, we need to consolidate the Theme-
>> Development focused pages around the Codex - and this would be a good
>> opportunity to do so.

Another update for everyone on the Theme Development Codex updates.
We're almost there. :)

> Here are the pages that now need attention.
> 1. /Theme_Development

This page is done. I added several new sections and did a ton of
cleanup. I clarified with the WP Docs mailing list members that this
page is not for beginners, and that we should assume basic web
design/development knowledge.

Lorelle encouraged us to point absolute beginners to:
- http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Lessons
- http://codex.wordpress.org/Getting_Started_with_WordPress

> 2. /Theme_Review

This page is 99% done. The content looks good, and Joseph updated the
related WordPress.org pages to point here.

- [Cais] Still needs copyediting and cleanup

> 3. /Theme_Unit_Test

This page is 90% done, the main thing missing are the additions to add
to the test data suggested by Ian Stewart. I put his suggestions into
a TODO section at the bottom of the page.

- [Chip] Add Ian's suggested items to the test data
- [Chip] Create WXR and SQL files
- [Lance] Add new test data files to SVN repo and update links

> 4. /Designing_Themes_for_Public_Release

To be honest, I'm not sure what to do about this page. Do we really
need it? The tone almost sounds like it should be on someone's
personal blog, not the Codex. My suggestion is to take anything
valuable from it and merge it into Theme_Review, then redirect it
there. But, if you feel it has value on its own we can just leave it
for now.

Do you agree that we should get rid of it?


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