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Wed Jul 21 23:23:18 UTC 2010

Dear ,
My name is SULEMAN MOHAMMAD, i'm presentely here in WALES  United KINGDOM,  working as a inspection officer here by  United Nations Secretary ,there is Unclaimed monies ,it's oppourtunities of  a  loaded of huge amount of united state dollars, left behind which has been kept  for decade years  big stealess brief case, it's has been so  long ..no body comes for it for claimed ..i'm contacting u inrespect of this luggage.. i want this case to move out from WALES immediatelly, i will make arrangment how to meet  up with you as well ........ .. ,
 please advice me on how to send this luggage  to you  to enable you assist me secure the luggage  wisely im on my preparation how to roundup my duty. i will  be available in your country or any country of your choice. let us disscused on it with trusted worthy, kindly contact me immediately ...i'm not well comfortable with my job , let us makes a deal ,since i got the chance now ...understand me dear .......hence you prove me and going to secure this funds out from wales ...just don't worries so much i will prepard every relevants documents we needs as a claimed as well ....i will used my lawyer and secure all the documentation by your names so i can easily used my veto power and authourity as inspection officer..then sumitted all the documents they may needs from claimed as well and on behalf of you .are you understood .
It is very risk to be took  such deals but any way allah forgive me and let me becomes an a full time investores with huge amount of monies  with me ..since I am a foreigner.and still at duty 24 hours
I need your urgent call or reply
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