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Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Tue Jul 13 21:01:15 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 13 July 2010 2:36:02 pm Ian Stewart wrote:
> Re. new Test data: What does everyone think about adding the following?
> A post with a REALLY long title. Something like, "If you say it loud
> enough, you'll always sound precocious;
> Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!" I find it useful for testing
> title line heights and potential overflow issues on posts with small
> title areas where REALLY long words might break the layout.

I'll add that in to the test data. I agree that it is a universally useful 

> And something like these three test pages Matt Thomas used on the 2010dev
> site:
> http://2010dev.wordpress.com/element/
> Having (sometimes little-used) HTML elements appear in a readable
> format--rather than a list of elements--makes it much easier to spot
> styling errors. Especially in the case of <sup> and <sub> which really
> need to be seen in action (as they are here).

I'll revise the layout test page, to incorporate the HTML tags within prose. I 
had already done so for some (such as sub/superscript).

> http://2010dev.wordpress.com/image-alignment-and-styles/
> The addition of a way-too-large-for-almost-every-content-area image
> would make this page perfect.

The current test data include a 900+ px wide image. Do we need one even wider?

> http://2010dev.wordpress.com/readability/
> It's really easy to forget that you're designing a tool for
> communication and it's nice to actually try and read the content
> you're styling. This page is perfect for that.

Great idea. I'll probably steal his readability-test prose. :)

(And extra points to him, for using lyrics from the Jabberwocky in one of his 
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