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Simon Prosser pross at pross.org.uk
Sun Jul 11 14:42:19 UTC 2010

On 11/07/2010 15:35, Chip Bennett wrote:
> I'm thinking, at a minimum, generate a 100x100 thumbnail, which should 
> hopefully accommodate most square thumbnail dimensions defined by themes. 
> Other than that, I'm not sure how to provide more universal support.
> Any thoughts on the most standard/universal means to incorporate thumbnails 
> into the theme unit test data?

when you upload an image doesnt wordpress create the thumbnails in 3
sizes ready for post-thumbs? then its up to the theme author to include

<?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?>
<?php the_post_thumbnail('medium'); ?>
<?php the_post_thumbnail('large'); ?>

Or am i lost again?
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