[theme-reviewers] Destructive Redbel theme!

Tom Lany mail at tomlany.net
Sat Jul 10 04:04:20 UTC 2010


I am guessing that you may not be using WordPress 3.0 (the latest 
version).  The function register_nav_menus()  only works with WordPress 3.0.

I would go to your theme folder, and rename the redbel theme folder name 
(to anything).  This should deactivate this theme.  You might have to go 
to the admin, though ( http://yourSite.com/wp-admin/) to do this.  Then 
go to the presentation tab and activate another theme.  Your site should 
(hopefully) be okay then.

Next, I would upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, and then the 
theme should work.

We usually do not take support requests here.  Let us know if you do/do 
not not get this to work, though, because this is a brand new theme and 
we do not want new themes breaking sites.  For additional support, visit 
the support forums: http://wordpress.org/support


Tom Lany

On 7/9/10 10:41 PM, prtierney at sprintmail.com wrote:
> Can someone tell me please and pretty quickly about the Redbel theme . . . tried to take a look at it and it destroyed my website. I will appreciate any support you can offer.
> Here's what left of the site after it:
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_nav_menus() in /homepages/22/d211916677/htdocs/wp-content/themes/redbel/functions.php on line 25
> Please respond and let me know whatever there is to know about this destructive mess. Thank you.
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