[theme-reviewers] Questions about submitting a theme (answering localization theme name slug question)

michael at mfields.org michael at mfields.org
Wed Dec 29 17:58:00 UTC 2010

Thanks for the clarification. Not trying to over complicate, just noticed
a new term and was wondering what it meant. I think that it may be
beneficial to those getting started with creating WordPress themes if the
guidelines were more clear on this point.


> Hi Mike, you are over complicating it ;)
> The theme slug is a simplified version of your theme name:
> rainless day => rainless-day or just rainless. see?
> Consider the function:
> function do_css() {
> echo 'my custom css here';
> }
> How many themes or plugins would use that do you wonder?
> function rainless_do_css() { etc } now its unique to the theme.

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