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Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
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Yeah not sure your following, there's a list of all the versions for that theme on the ticket, if that ticket has a note on it to "see ticket #whatever" then we know to close it off with newer version uploaded and move to the latest that was uploaded, which we all pretty much do if there's a note.   It's up to the theme reviewer to move to the latest, not a policy.  Policy is first come first serve.

If there's no note, then when flagged 'newer version uploaded' thats all it is, flagged that; it's still in the system just not on the reports.   The person's theme will just have to wait in line like everyone else has to.

This raises some concern that I feel your making that it should be policy.  It has been discussed several times before and to be fair to everyone who doesn't need to upload a newer version that it stays consistent with this methodology.    The important thing is to keep it fair to everyone, not just the person who uploads a newer version.   So giving the leeway to do it for those who make an effort to point out the newest upload gives us the a-ok to go ahead and move to the latest upload.  Which again, is the fair thing to do.

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  >No, old tickets don't disappear. Every new upload creates a ticket.
  >Old tickets with new uploads will get (manually) marked as "new
  >version uploaded" and closed in favor of the new version.

  Yes, but the closed tickets are never looked again. Only the order in priority #2 queue is followed as is, with out referring to the closed tickets.

  The oldest ticket in the above queue is 3 weeks old, if the developer uploads a new ticket before its accepted by a reviewer, his current ticket will be closed manually and the new ticket will be at the bottom of the queue and he has to wait again for another 3 weeks.

  Can something be done about it, or should i wait till a reviewer picks up my theme for review and then upload the new version before he closes it.


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