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@Cais damn I missed a few things, I apologise.

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#2131: THEME: Typo-o-graphy - 3.0.2
  Reporter:  tommek  |     Owner:  FurciferRising
      Type:  theme   |    Status:  assigned
Resolution:          |  Keywords:  theme-typo-o-graphy,

Comment (by cais):

 => all (unique) theme functions should be appropriately prefixed with a
 consistent 'namespace' such as 'typo_' to avoid possible conflicts; see
 'menu_args()' and 'add_my_stylesheet()' as examples (there are more to be
 -> index.html is does not need to be included with theme
 -> The 'add_editor_style()' function was called but the default 'editor-
 style.css' related file was not found. This should be addressed with the
 next update.

 Overall: not-approved
 * Items marked => must be addressed, they are singificant and will most
 likely cause the theme to be not accepted.
 * Items marked with -> are suggestions, but recommended to be addressed.
 * Items marked with - are notes and observations.
 * Other items noted should be addressed and corrected as needed.
 * Additional review may be required once the above issues are resolved.

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