[theme-reviewers] I received an offer for $ (advise needed)

Edward Caissie edward.caissie at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 17:50:22 UTC 2010

Thank him for his offer but politely decline.

Although offering freelance services to do WordPress theme work is perfectly
acceptable, as a theme reviewer and as you have already pointed out, it
could put yourself in a very negative light.

If for whatever reason you had previously worked for this same person, I
would also expect you to advise the team of your connection and excuse
yourself from reviewing any of their themes for the same reasons you

Also, suggest the author look to the WordPress support forums or the
WordPress Jobs board.


On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 1:43 PM, yulian yordanov <yul.yordanov at gmail.com>wrote:

>  Errm,
> How to explain all this :)
> Today I received an e-mail from a man whose theme I was rejected before. He
> is asking me to help him with correcting the issues I found in his theme,
> and offers to pay me for this. In general I wouldn't refuse to help even for
> free but situation is different here - in some point of view it may looks
> like I reject themes only to blackmail the authors later :/ The other option
> is to help him for free but this may give him expectations that the theme
> will pass the checks easily. Or the third variant - give him negative
> answer.
> What do you think, what is the right behavior?
> Yulian <Fingli>
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> Юлиян Йорданов
> Yulian Yordanov
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