[theme-reviewers] Where can I upload A Theme

M.Lemke at gmx.com M.Lemke at gmx.com
Wed Aug 25 21:46:25 UTC 2010

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

i want to share some Theme in experimental Stadium, it's not ready yet -  
the Idea is place Content at A central Show-Box and place Links, Tools,  
... under this extra, with Icons in Mac-OS Look, Toolbox is right-Side and  
some similar Info-Box is also placed at the right Side, so the Page is  
shown with different Extra-Elements and Aim is to make this look like A  
Desktop of Computer, some animated Contacts-Menu is at the right Downside  

Can I upload also this unready-, to show the Idea and where can i upload  

Thank you.

With best Regards

Manuel Lemke

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