[theme-reviewers] Review Criteria: Menu Bar Display Aesthetics

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Thu Aug 19 15:57:10 UTC 2010

Good morning, Theme Reviewers!

Another discussion question: when we are reviewing Themes for
aesthetic/display quality, one factor that seems to come up quite a bit is
the Theme's design assumption regarding its use on a simple blog versus a
page-driven web site. In the former case, providing room sufficient for only
a small number of pages (e.g. "Home", "About", "Contact") may very easily
break if a given site is more page-driven.

I've been pointing this out in my current Theme reviews (e.g. the "Menu Bar"
breaks into multiple rows with the given number of pages in the Theme Unit
Test data), but, should we be?

In other words, is it acceptable for a Theme to be designed to be used on a
site with only a few static Pages? Or should we be requiring Theme
developers to support page-based sites inherently in their design? (To wit:
the Home/About/Contact construct seems to be an inherent assumption in a LOT
of Theme screenshots and demo sites.)

I don't think I have a preference one way or the other; more, I'm curious
what everyone else thinks.

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