[theme-reviewers] custom menus

yulian yordanov yul.yordanov at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 11:37:41 UTC 2010


I know that custom menu is a must-have function in the themes already.
But not all menus are supposed to be customizable aren't they?

In my case I have two menus - Pages and Categories. Dealing with Pages
was easy but  Categories did not liked custom menus :)
What I mean: The old-fashioned way - (wp_list_categories) produces
only plain list <li>, and in order to make it looks like menu i have
to enclose <?php wp_list_categories(); ?>  with <div><ul>. When I
apply wp_nav_menu() it has another, own <ul> which is there by default
and brakes defined list format. If I leave only wp_nav_menu() without
enclosures I can't use callback (wp_list_categories) because as I said
it prints just <li>.

As a whole I think these custom menus are useful but underdone yet to
be included as a must feature.

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