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Simon Prosser pross at pross.org.uk
Thu Aug 5 21:11:52 UTC 2010

On Thursday 05 August 2010 21:34:30 PageLines wrote:
> How do I get rid of has_cap error. I can't find it in the project folder
> for my template/theme files? It's really puzzling me. I've heard it's
> related to plug-ins but I've deleted all plug-ins and deleted every
> reference to the only plug-in that we have hardcoded into the theme.
It can be either a plugin or a theme that is trying to add a page or sub-page 
to the admin section using the old syntax, or capabilities...

for example (the right method):
add_theme_page($themename." Options", "".$themename." Options", 'edit_themes', 
basename(__FILE__), 'mytheme_admin');

And the wrong:
add_theme_page($themename." Options", "".$themename." Options", 8, 
basename(__FILE__), 'mytheme_admin');

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