[wp-hackers] New Approach to Asides

Randy Peterman randy at altn.com
Wed Dec 22 21:54:53 UTC 2004

Mathias Bynens wrote:

>The problem here is: photograph posts. I have more than one post that
>only contains an image, and I think there are several others in the
>blogosphere *pukes* that have.
>I think tagging a short post manually is still better than letting the
>way it's displayed depend on its length.
I strongly recommend that this be left a preference sort of thing 
because there is some logic to various approaches, but it can't be 
written as a dogmattic rule.  Shortness is a categorization of posts as 
well as any other sort of category that might further specify the nature 
of the post.

/me Ducks back into the wood work.

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