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Wed Dec 22 13:47:07 UTC 2004

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Yeah, X-Valid has been working well for quite a few people.  Does have a
few limitations at the moment, such as only converting to 1.0 Strict,
which means some allowed tags in Transitional are flagged as illegal.
It will also at the moment fall down on equals signs inside attributes
(though not <a href="this.php?query=input"> type things which are
specially handled).  I've never had anybody email me and tell me that it
ate something though, so that's a good sign.  It does all the things of
handling self-closing tags, balancing unbalanced tags, quoting
attributes etc.

It could do with a few more tweaks and a 1.3 specific version which
would tidy things up to one nice file.  I was going to get round to it
in the New Year, but if you think it might be useful I'd be happy to put
some time in?  Would be quite nice to dump it into the plugin SVN
repository as well.  Should I just mail you, Matt?

By the way, if there are any people out there who have been using it and
have feature requests, mail me off list and I'll see to including them.




Isharra wrote:
| Matthew Mullenweg said the following on 12/20/2004 6:32 PM:
|> Perhaps a replacement for our current code which has a tendency to eat
|> code?

| I have been very happy using the X-valid plugin from Jamie Talbot.
| I haven't had any code eaten and several of the invalid corrections from
| the base tag checking went away. It does strive for conformance to XHTML
| 1.0 strict though.
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