[wp-hackers] Bug 488 fixed

Christoph Rummel bronski at bronski.net
Mon Dec 20 11:12:01 UTC 2004

Thiago Becker <thiago.becker at gmail.com> (2004-12-20 09:04:20 -0200):
> Mmm... you have two way to do this.
> 1) Have a local CVS, commit your changes and `cvs rdiff` it;
> or 2) take two copies of wordpress, one as the official CVS and other
> with your changes, and use `diff -uNr original_copy altered_copy`.

Thanks. I just remembered tha command on wordpress.org
was much longer and more complicated than what I
usually use...

> Both can be better learned using man {cvs,diff,patch}, on Linux. On
> windows, you sould google for it.

Yeah... Strange thing is the diff command on my
Solaris-box didn't understand the parameters used so I
had to diff on my MacOSX-box the last time I did that...

Anyway, MC_incubus just submitted a patch on a
duplicate bug entry:



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