[wp-hackers] Dashboard "focus"

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Sun Dec 19 22:09:54 UTC 2004

Matthew Mullenweg wrote:

> The line between reading and blogging is obviously a very fine one, 
> and some of the directions this is going are fairly obvious. There 
> needs to a one click interaction between reading something and 
> blogging about it with proper cite attribution and everything. 

I suppose that this comment concerns philosophy more than functionality, 
but here goes...  Won't this sort of thing simply water down general 
blog content?  By making it so easy to play "pass it down the lane" with 
what you read online, does this new WordPress feature only really 
contribute to the dilution of the web?  Just a thought.

To that end, I would see the RSS on the Dashboard scrapped entirely for 
a Mozilla-like "update available" beacon that flashes when significant 
notices are released.  That, and make the Latest Activity section span 
the entire page.

But I always seem to be the reactionary voice on this list, so I expect 
to hear replies about how great the new RSS Dashboard is.  The real 
question is whether the functions that power the Dashboard have template 
tag equivalents so the feeds can be put directly into the blog content.


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