[wp-hackers] 1.2.2 Failing on fresh install.

Chris Coggburn chris at coggburn.us
Sun Dec 19 07:03:35 UTC 2004

Robert Deaton wrote:

>I also agree that upping the version number is not the way to go.
>But changing the docs and hoping people see them when their
>installation fails is also not the way to go. People get a certain
>impression in the initial install, and when there's a problem during
>installation and in the docs it essentially says "we know there's a
>problem b0rking your installs and we know exactly how to fix it but
>haven't fixed it yet" gives off a rather negative vibe if you ask me.
>I do agree with Kimmo about package checksums and such though also,
>but I do believe that it can't be left alone.
Perhaps Wordpress could have an auto-updater and patcher built in that 
could be set to check for security patches and bugfixes. This would 
allow users to always have the latest stable wordpress without having to 
tinker about with patches or releases. I was actually considering making 
this for my now dead ImagePress plugin. The updater should have some 
kind of checkbox options to let the user choose their update pref. 
(Alpha/Beta/Major Release/Security Fix/Bug Fix) and then wordpress could 
update itself and apply patches. It might take quite a bit of coding 
though. It might be something I'm interested in working on though.

Christopher Coggburn

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