[wp-hackers] wp_list_pages

Adi Sieker ml at sieker.info
Fri Dec 17 18:13:25 UTC 2004

Quoting Ryan Boren <ryan at boren.nu>:


> I committed Adi's original function with one small change.  I collapsed
> optiondates and modifieddate into one option, show_date, which can be set
Cool, good idea. :)

> Next we can integrate Chris' 'current' code and split into wp_list_pages
> () and get_page_list().  How's that sound?
I have a newer version on my notebook.  Which has a split wp_list_pages
and a get_list_pages, which I can rename if you want. The the current
option from Chris is also implemented.
I won't be able to connect my notebook to the net till after christmas.
As soon as possible I'll get a current CVS and merge the stuff.

Merry christmas and a happy new year everybody


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