[wp-hackers] LDAP - almost!

scriptygoddess scriptygoddess at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 15:10:10 UTC 2004

Somewhat off topic - at least for being WordPress related. I need to
do LDAP authentication for a project I'm working on (non-wordpress).
I've never used this before and could really use some help. I'll try
to keep this short - and if someone could email me "offline" about
this I would REALLY appreciate the help!!

I found a few scripts (this one in particular:
that show examples of basic authentication using LDAP, what I need to
do is display content conditional on if the user is in a specified
group. (ie. if they're not in the group - don't show them the admin
functions - if they are - give them the admin functions)

Where I'm stumbling to understand is how do I figure out which basedn
to use (there's one for all users - and it seems like theres a
seperate one for the group I'm using), as well what filters do I need
to include to check userid, password, and if the user is part of that

I would think I'd have to authenticate against the user's, because
that's where, I'm guessing, the userid and password, etc. are stored,
because I don't see those "fields" in the group listing...

Anyway, if someone has a few moments to just get me over a few hurdles
on this, I would really appreciate it!!



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