[wp-hackers] Viewing a category shows all of that category's children.

Tara Star tellme at climbtothestars.org
Tue Dec 14 12:03:46 UTC 2004

Mark Jaquith wrote:

> The default behavior in WordPress with regards to categories with child 
> categories (subcategories) is to include the children when viewing the 
> parents.
> If you have a category "foods" and have two subcategories under it "ice 
> cream" and "pizza," viewing "foods" will show the posts in "ice cream" 
> and "pizza" as well.
> I've made a little tutorial (very little, you only need to comment out 
> three lines) explaining how to change this behavior, such that only the 
> category you specify will be shown:
> http://txfx.net/2004/12/14/wordpress-exclude-subcategories/
> What are your thoughts on having this behavior be an option?  "Show 
> subcategories of requested category [X]" (obviously in more 
> user-friendly language).

Yes, I'd love that.

To push this a tad further, an idea for a plugin would also be to allow 
the user to pick posts which are in one category and in another, or in 
one category and not in another. I had this kind of idea for my Batch 
Categories admin screen, but it could be nice to offer it as an option 
to view the posts too.

Steph aka bunny

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