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Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Fri Dec 10 22:40:14 UTC 2004

I think the "current" thing should be included, but the removal of the 
hyperlink for the current link should be an option.  Good work, both of 
you guys!

Chris Waigl wrote:

>On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 19:05:18 +0100, Adi Sieker <ml at sieker.info> wrote:
>>attached is a preliminary version of wp_list_pages which supports
>>hierarchies. The file if a diff created with cvs diff -U3 filename
>>It supports the following options:
>>- child_of: Only select childern of the specified page ID. - default: 0
>>- optiondates: display the date the page was created. - default: 0
>>- modifieddate: if optiondates is set display the date the page was modified. - default: 0
>>- date_format: use this date format instead of the one from the options. - default: ''
>>- depth: only recurse this deep, if set to 0 display all levels. - default:0.
>>_ sort_column: Sort output by this column - default: post_title
>>- sort_order: specify sort order - default:ASC
>Oops you're fast -- I only saw that you're working on this a few hours ago.
>I'm still a very basic-level coder, but it happens that I slightly
>rewrote the existing function, too. No hierarchies, but there are two
>things I don't think you did: a) add a class "current" to the list
>item of the current page (for menu styling) and remove the hyperlink
>from that item and b) an option not to print but to return an array of
>FYI, I'm copying my (much more basic) function below. Feel free to
>disregard all this.
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