[wp-hackers] A plugin repository

Tor Bjornrud bjornrud at msu.edu
Thu Dec 9 17:34:29 UTC 2004

Ryan Boren wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-12-09 at 08:45 -0800, Matthew Mullenweg wrote:
>>Thoughts? Ideas? Concerns?

Sounds extremely cool and very useful as long as there's a web 
accessible index to figure out what goes where.  I don't think svn can 
cut it alone.

The only other reservation I have with it is that it's going to have to 
be sure of a plugin's license before the repository adopts the codebase. 
Also, I'd like to see at-a-glance which plugin has which license so I 
don't unknowingly take something that supposedly GPL and put it in 
someone's other code.

As it stands the WP community, imho, isn't consistent about properly 
labeling and licensing plugins, which is fine since most people host 
their own plugin.  If we start hosting code and development, I think 
it's reasonable to enforce some kind of policy on properly attributed 
and licensed plugins as the hosting service becomes legally vulnerable 
if the code on it is in question.


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