[wp-hackers] Coding Projects

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Thu Dec 9 01:34:42 UTC 2004

Here are a few small coding projects looking for some caring person to
give them fullfillment.

Finish wp_list_pages().  It's currently very bare bones.  It needs to
support page hierarchies and provide some options for controlling the
hierarchy display.  Model it after wp_list_cats().

Add decompositions for the Latin Extended-A Unicode block in
remove_accents().  See the decompositions for Latin-1 Supplement for an
example.  For each character in Latin Extended-A that has an unaccented
Basic Latin character in its canonical decompostion, map the UTF-8 octets
for that character to the Basic Latin character.  You can reference the
UCD or employ a character map utility to get the canonical decomposition.

Support mutltiple negatives for category queries.  See get_posts() in
classes.php where we process 'cat'.  Look for the comment lamenting the
fact that we don't support this.

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