[wp-hackers] When is 1.3 going public?

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Tue Dec 7 23:53:12 UTC 2004

> Here's an idea: people who want to contribute, but aren't PHP-abled,
> could post bounties for their bug of choice.

Oh, but there are other ways.  Can we say bug triage?  Mosquito is chock
full of bugs and needs some love.  We need to do such things as mark
duplicates, verify whether bugs are still problems, add details to those
bugs that are still problems, and so forth.  Here are a few things to
consider when looking at a bug.

* Does it make any damn sense?  Some of them don't.  Add a note to the
bug requesting explanation.

* Is it a duplicate?  If so, note the bug it duplicates.

* Is it similar to another bug?  This can be useful to know. There could
be a shared root cause.  Add notes to bugs that are similar to each
other so that they can be cross-referenced.

* What version of WP?  1.2 or current CVS?  If the version is missing or
not clear, add a note requesting specific version information.

* Is the priority sane?  Are features marked as "feature" or are they
marked as "major"?  Does the bug report a tiny little problem as being
of earth shattering priority?  Priority inflation is annoying.

* Is there a patch?  I added a "Patch" keyword that can be set to yes or
no when updating or bug.  Set it to yes if there is a patch.

* Is the bug still reproducible?  If it is, say so.  If it isn't, say

I just gave several of our village irregulars update privileges.  This
means you can twiddle the priority, change the summary and description,
set the version, make assignments, etc. I think you can also
set relationships between bugs such as "related to" and "duplicate of".
If you don't have update privileges, you can still add notes.  Also, I
believe anyone who is registered can set the "Patch" flag.  I want to
encourage the prompt setting of this flag for all bugs that have
patches.  I hate having patches laying around unacknowledged.

Go forth and triage.


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