[lists] Re: [wp-hackers] Spam results

Elliott Bäck ecb29 at cornell.edu
Sat Dec 4 05:49:09 UTC 2004

Jeff Barr wrote:

> I am getting lots of good reports on my simple "Turing Test" system:
> http://www.syndic8.com/~jeff/blog/index.php?p=103
> I simply prompt for my first name, and verify that it is there. If 
> not, I issue a simple message.
> The user (if they are not a comment spammer) can simply press Back and 
> try again.

The only problem I see with this system is that it forces the users to 
enter a non-related piece of information to prove they're not a robot.  
I think that more sophisticated methods would check the client "in the 
background," transparently.  You could imagine testing for keyboard and 
mouse strokes, or a client-side computation in flash or jscript, or any 
number of inobtrusive things.

Elliott C. Bäck

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