[lists] [wp-hackers] Spam results

Elliott Bäck ecb29 at cornell.edu
Sat Dec 4 05:45:57 UTC 2004

Someone already mentioned it, but I'm using my own plugin 
which is a modification of your plugin Matt--it just shifts the md5 to 
the client side in javascript--and it's blocked all comment spam on my 
site from day 0.  I'm not using anything else right now.

Kitten's spaminator was good, but too good.  It tended to turn up false 
positives--which it then ate.  At least, though, it emailed me about 

Elliott C. Bäck

Matt Mullenweg wrote:

> I'm curious what spam methods are working best for everyone? I see 
> lots of comments people saying they're using something but not many 
> saying what's working. Namely, what would be the best methods to roll 
> in? Obviously something like captcha doesn't fit the WP philosophy, 
> but some of the other approaches (scoring comments, better management 
> of floods, auto-closing) I think could be very effective even when 
> mass-deployed. Thoughts?

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