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Dougal Campbell dougal at gunters.org
Sat Dec 4 02:30:47 UTC 2004

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> I'm curious what spam methods are working best for everyone? I see lots 
> of comments people saying they're using something but not many saying 
> what's working. Namely, what would be the best methods to roll in? 
> Obviously something like captcha doesn't fit the WP philosophy, but some 
> of the other approaches (scoring comments, better management of floods, 
> auto-closing) I think could be very effective even when mass-deployed. 
> Thoughts?

Mark's CSPAM plugin has pretty much caught all the spam since I 
installed it. And I've only seen a few come into moderation. However, 
since it's (currently) a centralized-server configuration, it's probably 
not appropriate for core. But I wanted to put in a good word for it, 

The ones I recall seeing the most positive comments about have been 
Three Strikes, WP Blacklist, and Spaminator. Personally, in my brief 
look at the Spaminator info, I thought it was a good combined-technique 
approach, but I felt like a couple of things were too aggressive for my 
tastes. In particular, truncating IPs to block entire C-blocks.

As I note in the optional admin email from my TarPit plugin, blocking by 
IP is a tricky thing. Really, you want to be able to track historical 
info about IPs that you block, so that you can expire them after some 
amount of inactivity, or detect when an entire block is generating spam.

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