[wp-hackers] RE: slow posting..

Adi Sieker ml at sieker.info
Fri Dec 3 08:17:10 UTC 2004

Hi Ryan, Owen,

Quoting Ryan Duff <ryan at duff-duff.net>:

> Owen Winkler wrote:
> > Ryan Duff wrote:
> > > I started looking into this some today and tried a few enclosures.
> > 
> > Did you enclose URLs on your own site, or did you enclose 
> > URLs from other sites?  I would expect local enclosures to 
> > work quickly.  It's the apparent fetching of HEAD data from 
> > all offsite URLs that has me scratching my head.
> I'm a step ahead of you. I thought about that before I did it and tested
> external sources every time. I used 2 very large offsite images and well,
> one onsite mp3... Let me try with an offsite mp3.
I played around with the slow posting thing a few days back since I have this 
problem on my notebook. See 
http://wordpress.org/pipermail/hackers_wordpress.org/2004-November/003044.html .

I get slow postings when I add http://localhost/index.html to a post. The thing 
is wordpress is running on localhost and the index.html file exists. Adding 
this will cause a 12-15sec delay when posting. I will be traveling back home by 
train this afternoon and so I can do some digging around in the WP sources and 
some debugging.
Just for info this is with WinXP, Apache 2.0.52, MySQL 4.1.7 and PHP 5.0.2.


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