[wp-hackers] Edit window expansion.

C. Gardella subminimal at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 14:25:43 UTC 2004

Definitely clear, it was the dummy tag reference that threw me a bit.
Fix worked perfectly in regards to the textfield expansion problem,
the template text fields do not expand anymore. Now, instead, they
have decided to be pushed down below the template sidebar. But at
least its completely functional now aside for a bit of scrolling. The
initial expansion caused the textfield scrollbar to disappear making
editing much more difficult. That no longer happens. Oh well. Works
beautifully in firefox, so it's definitely an IE 6 bug. Maybe I'll
just ditch IE. :) Thanks for the help, I'm sure it will just take a
bit more CSS hacking of the wp-admin.css on my part to make this all
look right in IE 6.

Thanks again


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