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#8695: BP REST API endpoint to mark messages as read/unread
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 Hi there,

 We’re currently working on the messaging portion of our mobile app which
 interfaces to the BP REST API to facilitate the receiving and sending of
 messages. Currently, as far as we can see, the BP REST API does not seem
 to provide an endpoint to be able to mark messages as read or unread. This
 is a rather crucial element to messaging, as whenever a message is opened
 on the app, the app needs to be able to mark the message as read on the
 server so that both the website and the app are synchronised as to which
 messages are read/unread. It’s also needed in order to implement a
 notification system on the app to alert the user when they receive a new
 message. Would such an endpoint be on the current roadmap? At the minimum,
 the endpoint just needs to be able to clear the unread count for a given
 message thread (i.e. “mark as read”). Additionally, if it is able to mark
 the last incoming message as unread it would be a bonus.


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