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#8579: Post Author Changed, but Activity & Post pages come out wrong
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 I posted the same question here https://buddydev.com/support/forums/topic
 /post-author-changed-but-activity-post-pages-come-out-wrong/ and someone
 suggested I report the bug to you instead, but surely this is something
 that should have already been noticed and fixed. Since this post, in
 trying to solve the issue, I deleted the entire website AND the domain
 name and started again from scratch because I was going around in circles
 and could not find a solution. Yes, I have backups, but I didn’t want to
 use them in case my DB was acting up. Had I known it was a bug, I wouldn’t
 have put myself out like this. It took me seven days from then until now,
 and I’m rather quite upset about it all. Here is what I said on the
 BuddyDev website…

 This is such a strange one.

 I can change the author for multiple posts by using the Quick Edit feature
 on the Posts page, but something weird happens on the Activity & Post

 FYI: I have two users – it’s a new site not yet launched

 I switched all 196 posts from Admin to Connie using Quick Edit. It worked.

 1. On Connie’s /activity page, where I was expecting to see a long page of
 all 196 posts, it only shows 1 post (ONE!)

 2. On Connie’s /posts page it shows all 196, but one on each page. Great,
 but who wants to click through 196 pages?

 So, it looks like all posts did get assigned to Connie, great, but…

 3. On Admin’s /activity page, all 196 posts are visible on one long page,
 if you scroll far enough. They all say “Admin wrote a new post”. Why? I
 changed them all to Connie, and they shouldn’t even be visible in this
 activity feed; this page should be empty

 4. On Admin’s /posts page it is empty (as it should be)

 5. In phpMyAdmin, I even bulk-changed the post_author ID from 1 to 8, and
 that worked both ways, too. I was hoping it would flush out the bad seed,
 but there’s still no change on the frontend.

 Thanks in advance for all of your replies and suggestions 🙂

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