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#6130: Default (Last active) sorting doesn't show some members
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Changes (by imath):

 * milestone:  8.0.0 => Awaiting Contributions


 I was very optimistic in my last comment 😱.

 I've been looking into this more deeply, and it's not just a matter of
 sort Vs filter. The `active` order is getting user IDs from the activity
 table as long as there were active once (the where clause is looking for
 the `last_activity` activity type. It's pretty clever to do so as when a
 user is spammed their activities are deleted. It also filters out 'non-
 activated' users when on a non multisite configs (this is needed unless
 `BP_SIGNUPS_SKIP_USER_CREATION` is defined to true). So I'm not sure we
 should change anything here.

 Instead and to avoid having this confusing behavior (`alphabetical`
 showing members `active` is not), I believe we should filter out from
 `alphabetical` the same users 😊.

 I believe it's safer not to touch to this part so close to the 8.0.0-beta1
 release. Let's try to have a look at it during next release.

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