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#8421: Migrate from Travis to GitHub Actions
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Comment (by espellcaste):

 Folks: I have a working implementation of the Github Actions migration
 from Travis. This patch:

 - updates the `@wordpress/wp-env` package to the latest version, `^4.0.0`,
 since the current one has some issues with docker.
 - introduces a PHPCS (coding standard) workflow action, which is not
 failing for any serious errors. This is related to #7228
 - introduces an unit tests workflow action. Currently only PHP 7.4 and 8.0
 are tested. WordPress 5.7 and WordPress master.

 The main thing I'd like someone to test locally is the `phpunit-wp-
 config.php` changes. The 4.0 version of `@wordpress/wp-env` package
 updated the credentials,
 /db-env.js#L8-L11, forcing us to update it here.

 Please, remember make sure your local version has the path as

 Here is a temporary pull request I've been using for testing purposes:

 The main questions I have:

 - what matrix should we be using on Github Actions? Testing everything
 might not be ideal for now because of the limits for Github Actions.
 - Should we test for all npm test commands? `test-php:group` and `test-
 php-multisite:group` as well?

 Let me know what you think.

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