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#6783: Groups: Add Profile Fields and Profile Field Groups
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Comment (by mgparisi):

 This feature set would greatly expand the power of BuddyBoss.  For
 instance... Want a business listing, with multiple employees able to
 contribute to that listing and have it integrate with the rest of the
 system?  Just create a group type and add some fields... Location, phone
 number, etc....

 They may claim 80% of current sites won't use this feature, but they can't
 claim 80% of future sites will use this feature.  I can tell you, that
 with this control, that 3 past projects that I've had would of utilized
 BuddyPress had this been easier to do.

 I've added fields manually, but its a huge pain in the ass with
 compatibility issues in the future.  XProfile fields are important.   No
 one wants a Facebook clone.  They want a system customized to their users
 need.  I doubt people will spend the time, but it might mean the death of

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