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Sat May 2 10:11:09 UTC 2020

#8290: BP Blocks i18n strings are not identified by GlotPress
 Reporter:  imath             |      Owner:  imath
     Type:  defect (bug)      |     Status:  assigned
 Priority:  omg pizza         |  Milestone:  6.0.0
Component:  Build/Test Tools  |    Version:
 Severity:  major             |   Keywords:  has-patch
 Once 6.0.0-RC1 was released, I had a
 [https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C02RP50LK/p1588236185372300 very
 interesting discussion] with @tobifjellner & @ocean90.

 @tobifjellner informed me GlotPress is not using the buddypress.pot file
 but instead scans each file into `wp-plugins/trunk` to generate the
 translation catalogs. After a check on the
 plugins/buddypress/dev/fr/default/ french GlotPress area], I noticed the
 BP Blocks i18n strings were not included.

 @ocean90 kindly look into this issue and it appears WP CLI needs the JS
 source map files to be able to identify the JavaScript i18n strings when
 the Parcel Bundler is used to generate the build (which is our case). He
 provided me with precious advices that the attached patch is applying.

 I've tested the patch locally, made a build, used `wp i18n make-json` to
 generate the BuddyPress language files for JavaScript and moved the 3
 files into the `/wp-content/languages/plugins` folder of a fresh install
 of WordPress. I confirm it's working great.

 Let's have this fixed asap and package a RC2.

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