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#8240: Data handling issue with `BP_Akismet::get_activity_history()`
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 The problem occured 3 month ago.

 See https://buddypress.org/support/topic/buddypress-activity-and-akismet/
 WP 5.3
 Buddypress 5.0.0.
 BP legacy
 php 7.3.11

 I posted this with Buddypress and Akismet and Akismet replied (buddypress
 did not).
 I deactivated Akismet until today when I received response from Akismet

 So to gather more info I reactivated Akismet and low and behold, the
 problem seems to be gone.

 Current versions :
 Wordpress 5.3.2
 Akismet 4.1.3
 Buddypress 5.1.2
 php 7.3.14

 So I’m not able to recreate the usort error anymore.

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