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#8415: Deleting a comment doesn't delete comment's descendants
 Reporter:  yesbutmaybeno  |      Owner:  (none)
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 Given a comment thread
 - comment1
 - - comment2
 - - - comment3

 If on a normal activity with threaded comments, and you delete comment2,
 it also deletes comment3. That's normal.

 Now, in my setup, when you go to a member's page activity stream, it only
 lists their posts/comments in the stream **BUT** if it's a comment (the
 entry is a type of activity_comment), it doesn't also list all the
 comments to that comment (makes the page messy and lots of redundancy).

 If I go to that ^ activity stream and delete the same comment2 (now it's
 listed as an entry in the member's activity stream), it does NOT delete
 its children comments. So comment3 becomes a first-level comment and can't
 be replied to (it hangs forever).

 Now, I believe this is because of my setup for member page activity
 streams mentioned above. I think it's Javascript that handles the finding
 and deleting of all children comments and that's why it's not deleting the
 children of the comment (they're not on the page)? Not sure if true and
 kinda sounds exploitable but shouldn't it be handled in the PHP of
 whatever the delete_activity/comment function is? (PHP: Deleting a comment
 - find children, delete as well.)

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