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#8266: Export Data changes in WordPress 5.4
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Changes (by imath):

 * milestone:  6.0.0 => Under Consideration



 So I've looked more deeply into this issue. Correct me if I missed
 something, but removing these particular data types means we'd need to do
 `remove_filter( 'wp_privacy_personal_data_exporters',
 'wp_register_user_personal_data_exporter', 1 );` to add a specific
 BuddyPress function that redo what is doing
 `wp_user_personal_data_exporter()` before removing the 2 new data types.
 There's no filter into `wp_user_personal_data_exporter()` to
 whitelist/blacklist these 2 specific user meta.

 For you information, I made some tests and, as a user :
 1. as long as I don't go into the WP Admin Dashboard the Community Events
 Dashboard widget data it is not included into the exported data.
 2. If I go once or more without setting my location: then only my IP is
 listed into the exported data.
 3. If I choose a city, I get the City, Country, Latitude & Longitude into
 this exported data.

 After more thoughts. Disabling the Community Events data should only be
 done for case 2. But I believe this should be reported upstream.

 GDPR is a sensible topic in Europe, I believe BuddyPress shouldn't remove
 WordPress or any other plugins data because we don't know what could be
 the implication, the risk is too high imho. If the site's owner wants to
 whitelist data, I think we shouldn't help him.

 So I'm going to move this ticket out of 6.0.0 milestone to give us more
 time to think about it, but I'm not in favor of removing anything there. I
 believe, we should at the contrary try to take advantage of the WP 5.4 new
 filter `wp_privacy_additional_user_profile_data` and:
 - check if we have personal data into User Meta that we are not exporting
 - eventually add them using the filter, if there are some.

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