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#5525: Move bpdevel to bp.org
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 I've been working locally on what could be "Make.BuddyPress.org" a
 BuddyPress.org hosted Project/Contribution Updates site. I suggest this
 site would be available from the "Get Involved" menu item of the
 BuddyPress.org main nav.

 == Needed plugins ==

 1. Already available into the BuddyPress.org network since
 Developer.BuddyPress.org is up
 - Handbook
 - Jetpack
 - SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

 2. New plugins
 - o2 (https://github.com/automattic/o2)
 - o2 HoverCards (https://github.com/imath/o2-hovercards)
 - Time shortcode for P2 and o2 blogs

 As @netweb commented earlier: we'll need to [https://jetpack.com/support
 /subscription-migration-tool/ migrate the BP Devel subscriptions].

 == Needed themes ==

 - P2 Breathe (https://wpcom-themes.svn.automattic.com/p2-breathe/)
 - BPorg Breathe (https://github.com/imath/bporg-breathe)

 The BPorg Breathe Theme is a child theme of the P2 Breathe theme.

 == Homepage ==


 - Gives details about how contributors can get involved. The content is a
 copy of the content of the current [https://codex.buddypress.org
 /participate-and-contribute/ Get Involved] page.
 - There's a welcome box containing a summary about how to contribute, meet
 in Slack etc.. displayed on each page
 - The Site's navigation is containing links to the Project Updates (The
 content currently available on [https://bpdevel.wordpress.com/ BP Devel]),
 to the BuddyPress contributor Handbook, to Trac tickets report, to Trac's
 source browser and the last icon is a link to report a new bug.

 == Project Updates ==


 Contributors can post updates from the front end or use the regular
 WordPress editor. I've build a [https://github.com/imath/o2-hovercards
 specific plugin] to add hovercards to ticket numbers. It's working for
 each existing svn repository (`buddypress`, `core`, `meta` etc...). Here's
 a screenshot of an example of hovercard:


 == Handbook ==


 This part will need some extra work to write some pages about how to
 contribute to support, beta testing, code (eg: how to submit, test a

 == Team ==


 This page is a suggestion: we could use the Feedback feature of JetPack to
 let people ask us to help them put together a BuddyPress table during a
 contributor day or help people prepare their talk about BuddyPress for a

 Feedbacks welcome!

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