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#8153: BuddyPress 2019 survey
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 During [https://bpdevel.wordpress.com/2019/10/18/bp-dev-chat-summary-
 october-16-2019/ last dev-chat] I've shared my wish to carry on the great
 work @mercime was doing with the annual BuddyPress survey.

 I've been trying to build a the list of questions, but the only list I've
 found was the one used for year 2016. Then I've tried to find into
 BuddyPress.org some context about the last surveys. It looks like the
 latest results we shared was on April 2017:

 -> https://buddypress.org/2017/04/2016-buddypress-survey-results/

 There was a survey started in December 2017 for the 2018 year :

 -> https://buddypress.org/2017/12/buddypress-2018-survey/

 This survey is now closed but I wasn't able to find the post about the
 survey results.

 -> https://buddypress.org/tag/survey-2/

 **Let's move forward **

 I suggest to start a new survey before the end of the year. To make sure
 the questions are available here, I've quickly wrote the attached MarkDown
 file using the 2016 questions as a base. Feel free to improve it.

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