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#6210: Create New Invitations API
 Reporter:  dcavins                      |       Owner:  dcavins
     Type:  enhancement                  |      Status:  reopened
 Priority:  low                          |   Milestone:  Up Next
Component:  Core                         |     Version:
 Severity:  normal                       |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  dev-feedback trac-tidy-2018  |

Comment (by imath):

 Hi @dcavins

 First, thanks a lot for your work on this ticket and these patches. I can
 imagine the huge time you invested in it so far 💪

 In 6210-imath-suggestions.patch, you’ll find:
 - some minor code formatting suggestions,
 - some “highlighted” @todos so that you don’t forget to remove the one
 that has been achieved,
 - I also think it’s important to check the Groups component is active
 before doing the migrate task.

 **5 more sensitive issues needing fixes:**

 **1.** Two tests are failing about the Personal Data export feature:


 **2.** 7 tests are failing in the BP REST plugin.

 I must say I was fearing this considering the subject of the patch. As we
 announced 5.0.0 is focused on the REST API, the existing endpoints need to
 be updated to this new API, maybe @renato can give you a hand about this.
 Here is the list of the tests:

 → `BP_Test_REST_Group_Invites_Endpoint::test_get_items`
 → `BP_Test_REST_Group_Invites_Endpoint::test_create_item`
 → `BP_Test_REST_Group_Invites_Endpoint::test_mods_can_create_item`
 → `BP_Test_REST_Group_Membership_Request_Endpoint::test_get_items`
 → `BP_Test_REST_Group_Membership_Request_Endpoint::test_create_item`
 → `BP_Test_REST_Group_Membership_Request_Endpoint::test_update_item`
 → `BP_Test_REST_Group_Membership_Request_Endpoint::test_delete_item`

 **3.** BP Nouveau is the new default Template pack, and one feature is
 broken 😬. In BP Nouveau, invites can be sent even if the friends
 component is not active. Having your patch applied: it’s no more possible.
 See the following screen capture:


 Moreover, some deprecated messages are thrown: it shouldn’t be the case
 imho for a template we directly maintain ;)

 **4.** BP Legacy: it’s not possible to invite a user even if the friends
 component is active 😳. As soon as you click on the checkbox the Ajax
 query returns `0` and the page is reloaded to this:


 **5.** Although I’m invited to join a group, the Groups Admin Bar submenu
 tells me there’s no Pending Invites 🤔


 More generally, I understand that the goal of this first patch is to
 improve the way invitations (& requests?) are managed: which is already
 great. I would suggest to try to include a little feature to show how it
 has the potential to improve the BuddyPress experience. It can be allowing
 inviting any member of a site -- as in Legacy the Group’s Settings screen
 is misleading showing [https://cldup.com/fjjF8tfS3W.png this part] even if
 the friends component is not active -- for instance : it shouldn’t take

 imho, I’d leave the ticket on the up/next milestone, changing its priority
 (eg: high) so that you can commit it early on the 6.0.0 milestone. But if
 you feel 100% confident about your patch and about fixing the 5 issues
 above before 5.0.0-beta, then let’s try to have it in 😉

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