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#8045: AJAXify parts of group membership Dashboard UI using REST API
 Reporter:  boonebgorges              |       Owner:  (none)
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 Priority:  normal                    |   Milestone:  5.0.0
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Comment (by espellcaste):

 @imath I added your suggestions to the API, namely:

 * Class name was changed into `BP_REST_Group_Membership_Endpoint`.
 * The `join` action was separated from the update endpoint and has its own
 `create_item()` method.
 * Now it is possible to demote an administrator to a moderator.
 * It's also possible to unban a user to an administrator or a moderator.
 (Technically you would be promoting a user.)

 Related issue closed: https://github.com/buddypress/BP-REST/issues/138

 > Well maybe I haven't found how to handle private groups membership
 requests using the BP REST API. Maybe you can point me in the right

 Private group request is not [[ https://github.com/buddypress/BP-
 at this time]]. This is something pending. Happy to get PR, though. :)

 > About the timeline, we can always extend it, can't we?

 Yes! But personally, I'd like us to do something feasible for the current
 release timeline, and worry about doing something more complex or that
 would take more timer later if desired.

 > the Members endpoint seems to be using the way WordPress is getting
 users, meaning it's not possible to list users when you don't have the
 capability to do it (unlogged users or regular members). Is there a reason
 I'm not aware of explaining why BP_User_Query is not used to listing

 At the time, that was the decision I made. But we can certainly change
 that and I did [[https://github.com/buddypress/BP-
 REST/commit/bf40fb301764c8bc2d00965a32b076eef364045c|here]] in this

 > Maybe working on some real use cases would help us to polish the API?

 Indeed! That's exactly what I'm counting on. I tried my best to grasp how
 the API would be used but nothing is better than real use cases. So send
 your suggestions. Nothing is set on stone.

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