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#7995: Misposition of multiple bp_nouveau_after_* actions
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Changes (by imath):

 * keywords:   => needs-patch


 Hi @mo3aser & @boonebgorges

 First I agree with Boone, the best way to change the markup is to override
 the template from the theme.

 Then, the fact the "after" hook is before the closing tag is not new. If
 you look at the same templates into BP Legacy, you'll see that for
 instance the `bp_after_directory_activity` is before the closing tag.
 That's why to avoid backward compatibility issues we simply did the same
 in BP Nouveau. If you look at the
 `bp_nouveau_after_activity_directory_content()` function it simply wraps
 the BP Legacy hooks.

 However, I agree that is doesn't make a lot of sense and that something
 needs to be fixed for blogs/index, groups/index, and members/index : the
 `bp_after_directory_{component}_page` shouldn't be fired before the
 closing div.

 Maybe having a new template tag to fix the
 `bp_after_directory_{component}_page` position and to add a new
 `bp_after_directory_activity_page` hook to be consistent across directory
 page templates would be a good idea.

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