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#3745: Change BP Group Forum and Member slugs-name like bp docs can
 Reporter:  johnnymestizo               |       Owner:  johnjamesjacoby
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 Priority:  normal                      |   Milestone:  Under Consideration
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Comment (by lookingahead):

 Thank you for the measured and well-thought out response, JJJ. I apologize
 for any stress I caused you earlier, and greatly appreciate that you are
 taking this issue seriously and possibly including a solution in future

 If this gets resolved, it will help many people who need their sites to
 "make sense" in multiple languages, without having to modify .po/.mo
 files, or to modify core files, or anything of the sort. I can't tell you
 how huge that is. It will save myself and others hours upon hours of time.

 And also, for those of us needing BuddyPress to "work well with" other
 keywords present in the site, if we happen to do some heavy
 modification...? This is truly needed.

 The slug that populates by default when a group has a forum associated
 with it (which is, well, just "/forum" at the end of the URL)....is not
 ideal. And apparently, is hard coded in BP as you already likely know (via
 bbpress\includes\extend\buddypress\groups.php)....which poses a big
 problem for anyone wishing to alter how each group forum slug populates by
 default. Modifying core files appears to be the only way -- via altering
 the line //$this->slug = 'forum';// in that file....again -- that's
 potentially very problematic.

 So, as to what I have done with projects I'm currently working on: I can
 currently change the tab in the BP group area for 'forum' to read as
 anything I want via string modifications. That goes just fine. But the URL
 then no longer corresponds with how I want that tab in the group to
 display, and that's just...not ideal. It's messy. And needs to correspond
 to the rest of the site.

 Thanks for taking this out of cold storage providing a way forward. Please
 note: I usually do not recommending trolling the lead developer of
 WordPress as a hobby, or an activity to participate in on a Sunday
 afternoon. :) I'm glad we ended on a civil note, and I wish you well this

 Take care, J3.

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